Environment Protection and Necessary steps for protecting our nature

Protecting environment is an essential thing that a human must do.

There is a great saying that “if environment is protected it will protects you”. If you understand clearly you can able to know the things what you are doing i.e., it is protecting the environment or effecting the environment. All the citizens of their country are effecting our environment and so here the effect will be appear on every individual. They are not wantedly doing that, but there behavior is still effecting. So one must have to understand the present situation in which they are living and must move in that manner.

Now we will see what we must do to protect our environment from our side. All the people must be aware of what they are doing so that they won’t do that again and rectify their mistakes. We can also use present technology to reduce the effect on our nature. The most important thing why the nature is effecting is due to the cutting of trees.

Forests  plays a major role in protecting the environment. The reasons are if the forests are thick we can have the rainfall in the suitable periods and also shelter of many living beings. They are cutting the forests for many reasons like for furniture, fire, paper and also some medicinal uses. This will effects the ozone layer and it leads to the uv rays which will fall directly on us and leads many diseases.

Now its time for the climate which we are damaging day by day. The reasons are anything but we must not contaminate the air which we are living so that we must not diseased. As the population is growing the usage of the vehicles is also growing so that the release of the carbon dioxide in air is also growing. The only way that can reduce the co2 content was the trees. These will take the co2 and release oxygen. so we must plant trees by our own and can help to grow the trees again.

We are utilizing many appliances that are releasing chloro floro carbons in air which also leads to the degradation and depletion of ozone layer. For short distances also we are using our motor vehicles which are releasing a large amount of carbon into the air. We must not use the vehicles and keep move with our legs to protect our nature behalf of us.
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