How can you write your program effective in B.Tech

This problem will easily appear in the engineering students until they get a solution for that problem. Writing your program so effective gives you the best results in the output or in your examination. The following are benefits so that you can be shown first if you write your program effective.
  • Can analyze simply.
  • Understand in an easy way.
  • Reduces the complexity.
  • Can find the errors easily.
  •  Logic will appear clearly.

These are the benefits if you write the program in a good manner.  Now you must able to know the process that can easily understand by you to write your program code. All you have to do is to analyze your code. First you have to understand your code so that the logic in it will understand clearly. This must be done while you are writing your code.

All the engineering students must have to write their programs in their lab. For this they have to prepare in a way that everyone must know the logic and understand the logic, so that they can learn and study in a better way and can be write on their own. The program must be measured on the basis of the lines of the program. Suppose if a program is executed in 20 lines and the same program can also be done by 16 lines, the preference will be given to the 16 lines program only.

So one must know about what they are writing and must think in a different way to execute the same program so that by trying in a different way you can write and learn the better process. Once you are able to write the program beyond the lecturer said in the class, you can write the program on your own. This will help you to understand and also even in your campus selections who are interested in software field.
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