Why the Parent Child relation is decreasing? Solution for preventing it.

What  are the precautions taken by the parents to their children while they are at their childhood?

This criteria must be present for any of the parents to their children while they are at the initial stage of the education. Every parent must take care of their own children in a way that the child must able to take you as his friend and can move freely with you in a manner so that he will tell you all his problems which was he facing in his/her present life. If you fail in this he must be afraid to the parent and in that fear he will do any mistake that he will miss his career.

The steps which must be follow to make their child as a good student and to become him/her a good citizen. The present life of the students is noting but like an orphan, because all the parents are busy in their earnings. So they are leaving their children in kindergartens and also in nuseries. With this the parents are loosing their affection on their children. The play schools wont give their satisfaction like their parents.

The best affection can be made or can be done in their childhood only. These are the basic steps that every parent should know about their child. The childhood memories are the best to anybody, so they can remember them and make the rest of life happy. So the parents must to do is to leave your job for a period i.e., until he knows that what he was doing and in what he was thinking, so that he can able to know what he can do on their own.

This can prevent him or her from the phobia that what her child will be furture. If you left them in playschools they wont take care of each and every children so that they can know about every thing, the thing they can do in the play schools is to feed them and to sleep them that’s it. So my dear parents please take care of your child and tell them all the good things like his friend and improve their thinking power.

The relationship between you and them must like friends as I said above. This can be achieved through the you but not him I,e., you can act like a small child but you child doesn't act like a matured man. This is the problem that one must understood. First understand their problem and react according to it.
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