Different Types of Visas which you can apply to USA....

Visa is a permission given by the respective country which you want to go or visit........

Visas are the like the gate way passes for the citizens to go to another country or to stay permanently in the country which you preferred. There are many kinds visas. These visas are based on the types which the persons are working or doing their works like ministers, workers, employers, sports persons, professors….

We will see the kinds of visas which can apply to go U.S or can permanently stay in U.S. There are two kinds namely temporary and permanent. The permanent visa holders was also known as green card holders. They can stay permanently in their country which they offered green card.

Temporary visas:
The time period of this kind of visas are with very limited time. They can visit their country for a special purpose and also they must include the reasons while applying for the visa. The various types of visas that comes under this category are as follows.
B-1/B-2 tourist visas.
E-1/E-2 treaty and investor visas.
F-1 and M-1 student visas.
H-1B specialty occupation visas.
J-1 and Q-1 exchange visitor visas.
K-1 fiancé visas.
L-1 Intracompany transfer visas.
O-1 Extraordinary ability worker visas.
P-1 Artists and athletes visas.
R-1 Religious worker visas.
Tc and Tn NAFTA and US-canada free trade agreement visas.

For the information about Temporary Visas you can read more here.

Permanent Residency visas:
These kinds of people will go to the country and then they can apply if they falls under the below category. They apply for a petition and then they can get their green card or permanent visa. Green card can able to renewal for every 10 years. The following types will comes under this section.
Family sponsored immigration visas.
Employer sponsored immigration visas ( EB-1,2,3,4,5).

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