Permanent Visas and their types which helps to provide Green Card in USA...

Permanent visas which helps to apply a petition for the green card in the United states of america....

Immigration Visas sponsored by families :
This types of visas are for the families members like spouses, parents, children and siblings. The residents who are permanent may put a petition for permanent visas for spouse and children.

Immigrant visas sponsored for the employers:
The foreign nationals of the extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers and multi national executives and managers will fall under these categories. Individuals who are under this category can apply a petition for the permanent residency without applying for the labor consuming process.

The workers who are with advanced degrees or the greatest ability in sciences, arts and business comes under this band. Generally this band are totally of job holders, hence this band visa applying candidates must go through the labour certification process which includes that the person is not stealing the job of a U.S worker.

Skilled persons or workers and professionals must have to apply these kinds of visas only. These people will undergo the labor certification process, unless the individual can show his personal entry in the national interest, the job offer and labor certification requirements can be waived.

Immigrant visas for special religious workers of various religions can apply these  visas. The ministers of various religions will comes under this category and are eligible for the permanent residency.

These are special kinds of visas which included the Investor/Employment creation types. These investors will get visas only if they are eligible to give any jobs for at least 10 individuals. These investors will be divided based on the investment range.

DV-1 Type visas:
This type of visas are also known as Green card lottery, and hence annually 55,000 visas are annually picked random from nations underrepresented in the immigration pool. 

Note: Green card will have to apply for every ten years.

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