What are TRP ratings, How are they calculated.?

You are listening very frequently, actually what exactly are TRP ratings?

TRP ratings will determines the growth of the Television channel in the industry, Television Rating Points will be calculated based on the popularity of a channel or program and that data is very useful for calculating the TRP ratings and it is useful for the advertisers to publish their ads in the particular TV channel so that they can publish their ads in that channel.

How TRP ratings are calculated?
Generally these ratings are calculated in two ways by the only one electronic agency in india named as INTAM known as Indian television audience Measurement. First method is the frequency monitoring in which there are people meters which are the electronic gadgets. The cable operators will put these electronic gadgets in random televisions all over a particular place. The devices can notice what the channels at what time they are watching and will send in the form of signals to the operator.

But this method is going wrong now a days, because the frequency of a particular channel is changing every time by the cable operators, so if the people meters send a signal to the cable operators, as the signal frequency changing they cannot note the particular channel which was using, so this is very difficult.

The second method is the picture matching. This picture matching technique is more reliable and relatively new for india for calculating the TRP. This will records a small portion that is being watched in the particular television which is being watched. Like this it will records all the pictures and send it to the agency. This portion will be matched and the channel is determined and the ratings are calculated.
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