LPG subsidy direct to the Aadhaar card linked Bank account

LPG subsidy direct to the Aadhaar card linked Bank account.........

The general meaning of subsidy means is ‘we don’t want to pay the full amount on a particular product so that the remaining amount will able to pay by the Government’. The chance came for the citizens to get back some amount in which they spent to get the LPG gas cylinders, this is called LPG subsidy scheme. Now the Indian government is going to launch the direct subsidy transfer to the bank account so that the remaining cash will be directly credited to their bank account.

The Consumers of LBG will able to get this opportunity as the consumers will have to pay the cylinders on Non-subsidy price and the subsidy amount will able to credited to the account number which they mentioned in the beginning. This bank account must be linked to the Aadhaar number. Only the Aadhaar linked bank accounts should get this opportunity.

If you don’t have the Aadhar card number, please be fast and get the Aadhar card immediately to claim these services. These services are launching over 51 districts from 15th Feb 2013. The remaining will get these services if they are under these distributors only. If the consumers don’t have a bank account can able to get an Aadhar linked bank account as soon as possible.

If the consumers had an Aadhar account they must be requested to provide certain documents to get the scheme. They are as follows.
·         Legible copy of the Aadhaar letter / card to the distributor along with consumer number, name. distributor name, mobile number written alongside on the Aadhar registration sheet.
  •        The photo copy of DGCC or recent cash memo or subscription voucher.
  •                Bank account number along with the Aadhaar card number to which these should be transferred.
  •        The Aadhar card is meant for the address proof it self and in case if you are not residing in the address which you mentioned in the address given in the Aadhar you need to submit another residence proof.

Please verify for the below documents once again before submission.
  • Photo Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Photo Copy of First page of DGCC / Blue / Red Book or recent delivery reciept or SV document
  • Address Proof (Required only in case of your present LPG delivery address is different from address in Aadhaar Card)
  • Information as asked in points 1 to 6 in "Aadhaar Registration Sheet" 

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