Topics in SAP BI, to learn completely and to attain knowledge in SAP BI.

What are the topics which we have to learn in SAP BI?
If a fresh candidate wants to learn SAP BI, then he needs to learn about the basic things which are important for learning SAP BI. The topics are divided into 4 modules and they are as follows. The Basic knowledge of SAP BI, Modeling, Extraction, Reporting are the three categories which you have to learn in SAP BI.
The Basic knowledge will starts from the learning of these topics.
What is ERP?
What is SAP?
Different Modules in SAP.
What is Master data, Text data, Transaction data and hierarchy data.
Concept of star schema.
Concept of extended star schema.
Importance of SAP netweaver architecture 7.0.
Advantages of BI 7.0 then BW 3.5 or the differences.
Topics in Modeling:
Know about Tx code-RSA1 administration work bench.
About Info objects and creation.
Data flow in SAP Bi and BW.
Loading master data using flat file and also through ECC.
Loading text data using flat file and ECC.
Info cube creation and loading data from flat file.
Transfer rules and update rules and their differences.
DSO Creations, types of DSOs and their loading.
What is Info Set, Multi Provider and Info provider and their creation.
Topics in Extraction:
What are the types of extractions.
Cross application using table, view, function module and info set.
Copa extraction.
LO Extraction.
Logistics delta extraction.
Data source enhancement.
Topics in Reporting:
Reporting in BEx.
OLAP functions in reporting.
Row properties.
Column properties.
Formula selections.
How to use RF Key figure nad Calculated Key figure.
Types of attributes
Types of work books.
Some of the concepts are very important, they are:
Performance tuning,
Compressions, Aggregations.
Indexing, roll ups, Line item dimensions.
Process chains.
ASAP methodologies.
Production errors.

Overview of SD, MM, FI.
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