DDO Request and Claims for Govt. AP Employees can be done at treasury.ap.gov.in

DDO Request:
The ddo request was the request related to the schooling which is provided by the government. These requests are done by the officer which are allotted by the govt and is present among the staff in that particular school. That person will be given the orders to made a request in this portal. Ddo request is one of the part of the a.p.treasurey and will be given the orders to request the government about their salaries paying bills….

All the government  schools in this state will be present in this official portal. These schools must be given with a login id and password and is authorized to the person which is working in that particular school. He will be only able to login into this portal. Under this there will be one code which was related to that particular school and all the staff of that particular school will be given with the suitable codes.

If in any case a particular employee will be transferred to another school, that employee code will be changed or replaced by the other which was coming in his place, so that employee code will be added under any particular schools. The ddo(dispensary officer) was able to result monthly salaries of all the staff working in the school.

That officer will be able to edit our salaries depending upon the suitable conditions and can generate the bill with all those restrictions like deductions, increments…, thus a suitable request was made by the officer to that a.p.treasury , so this portal with all the functions made the name ddo( dispensary officer) request.

The functions or the operations which are able to done in this request are as many as useful to the employee to get the correct salaries at the end of the every month.  The officer can able to edit the salary of the employee depends on the increment. He can able to deduct the salary by his deductions like all type of loans, apgli, funds, pfs e.t.c…, so he can change the monthly deductions also. Once after the checking of all these increments and deductions he can calculate one’s salary both by gross and net.

Once after calculation he can generate the bill and that bill can be modified in any changes are present in any of the employee code i.e., in any employee, after that verification that bill or report can be passed for further request. So all the process here was done by this officer request made this site as ddo request.
DDO Request and Claims can be done here - Raise request or Claim here
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