Heard about FAST? Its nothing but a Scholarship

FAST is nothing but a new scholarship implemented by Govt.of Telangana.

Financial Assistance for Students of Telangana is known as FAST. This is a scholarship which was going to implement by the Telangana Govt. as previous they are using our normal ePass scholarship. As per the information known so far the eligible students are the ones who are residential in Telangana before 1956 and those families are only eligible for this scholarship and the students from the other families are not eligible for obtaining this scholarship.

To implement this scheme the Govt. of Telangana is establishing a committee with Financial, Social Welfare, Education departments Officials. This committee will decide the rest of the things which the students need to submit for applying this examination. The officials of this committee were very keen to give more benefits to the students along with this FAST Scholarship.

As this FAST Scholarship is not yet announced, hence we are not having any answers about the eligible criteria and also the essential information of the documents which the students need to submit to obtain this scholarship. We will update the information once we received. Thank you.
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