"Mrs. And .........?" - A Girl's Agony

                                                   "Mrs." and ..........?

Marriage!!! Wedding!!! The D-Day!!! .. The most awaited day or a dream come
true for every girl, in-fact  for everyone. But today, let us think from a
girl's perspective.
Marriage - the day where every girl wishes to look her best and adorable
wearing an excellent outfit and the finest jewelry, but the best part is
standing beside the guy, her man- she dreamt about her entire life.
Awaiting to hear the so called BEST COUPLE from every guest who comes, or
the MADE FOR EACH OTHER statement from every person. Doesn't that sound
perfect?? Then comes the time where she has to leave her entire family with
whom she has spent her time since childhood, her mother's love, her
father's care, her sibling's affection and many other things to pen-down.
The moment where she feels a pain in her heart, which cannot be explained.
All the smile she had on her face the entire day, gradually comes down as a
tear. This day she can never forget in her whole life.

But what's next?

She enters a new world, an entire new space, a whole lot of people whom she
doesn't even know or perhaps haven't seen them either. She is in a
different world now with a new set of responsibilities. She doesn't know
what to do. We hear many people say, "Practice makes one perfect", haven't
we? But where is the practice in this case? We don't.... And still the
in-laws expects the girl to be perfect right in the first go. There are
many things such as - treat everybody with due respect which I believe
could be easy as we all learn what respect is at home itself, cook for
people, visit so many places in just a few days, dress like they want, be
like they want, and lots more. Is that fair?

But at the end of the day, she has a relief that she has an understanding
husband and the best person whom she feels most comfortable with, with whom
she can forget all that she is being asked to do by others. A big sigh of
relief!!! It is...

Now, let's think from a different perspective. What if she has nobody to
share anything, even with the person with whom she has got married???
Sounds slightly unnatural, isn't it. Yes, Just think if a girl getting
married for her parents, the guy whom her parents chose, but she doesn't
like, she couldn't refuse them, she couldn't take a step against them due
to various family reasons which had happened in their past and she didn't
want to hurt her parents whom she loved the most and thought it was better
to get hurt than hurting the entire family. She couldn't at any cost go
against them.

 And another reason being, the girl herself has a past due to which she
finds hard to adjust even with the person she got married. As days passed,
it started getting tougher and tougher. She felt very lonely and isolated,
she started getting the feel of rejection in her life, her lonesome life.
She feels like going home, her own house for which she has to take
permissions now. And if a girl gets married to a guy abroad, then don't
even imagine, it's just out of question going home. And if finally she
gets a chance to go home, you have the in-laws who thinks so much about
their son's money that they think it's not necessary to go home frequently.
It's just so difficult being a girl. In this case, even if the girl wants to
adjust, she finds it very tough. She then gives up one by one and her life
goes on just by ADJUSTING. Life long adjusting. Is this how a girl's life is
supposed to be? Doesn't she deserve more than this? Shouldn't she be happy?
What can she do?? What should she do??

In such a life, I just wish to say one thing-, if compromises are made only
by one person, just remember that only the one person can be happy. There
should be compromises from both ends for a complete happiness.

If that doesn't happen...............We all know where it is going to end.

"All Marriages has a time limit if you enter them for the wrong reasons"
                                                                                          -Dedicated to all women

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